Serving Opportunities

On this page we will list opportunities for you to become involved in Mountain Springs Community Church.

  • Church Disability Acvocate

    This is a local congregational position which has been encouraged by the disability concerns ministry of the Christian Reformed Church of North America.

    If you are interested in this position, please contact Pastor Peter at

    Here is the job description.

    Church Disability Advocate

    Position Description


    The Church Advocate is a volunteer who seeks to promote the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in the life of the local congregation.


    As time, talents, and opportunities permit, this task is done by


    1.    Identifying the needs of church members affected by disabilities and informing appropriate church leaders of those needs


    2.    Encouraging the inclusion of those members in the life of the church so that their God-given abilities are utilized fully


    3.    Being in communication with the Regional Advocate who in turn is supported by the staff of Disability Concerns


    4.    Helping people with disabilities and their families find resources for counseling, advocacy, and other agencies that provide information and legal and financial support, including support from governmental sources at all levels


    5.    Offering Disability Concerns resources to the congregation, including the distribution of “Breaking Barriers”


    6.    Participating in the Disability Concerns network, especially training opportunities


    Christian Reformed Disability Concerns

    “Everybody belongs. Everybody serves.”

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