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One of our vision aspirations is to promote and develop habits of intentional prayer in our personal and corporate life. We hope that this tool will help us take some first steps.

Prayers may be for family, friends, neighbors, the community, and our world.  

Please share your prayer requests and let us know what level of privacy you would like for them. Public prayer requests will be posted below.

The public prayers section below is moderated. 

Posted prayer requests

This section will contain posted prayer requests.


We are Grandparents. All went well and both Mom and Charlotte (6.4 lbs ant 17.5 inches) are good, little time in NICU to maintain temp and working on feeding. Thanks for your prayers.


I'm wondering if you could send a prayer request for our son and daughter in law. Becca is going into labor, about 1 month early. She had contractions all night and is being admitted to the hospital now. Kendall on the way from work, but don't know much more than that. Would appreciate prayers, for safety health and a good delivery for Mom and baby.


David's dad (Ron) had hip replacement surgery today. Things went well, but he'll stay the night in hospital for observation/ physical therapy. Please pray that his pain is managed successfully and that the recovery process goes as smoothly as possible.